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          What is a Shear Wall Frame Shear Wall Structure Shear Wall Structure Design

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          What is a shear wall? What is the frame shear wall structure? What about the shear wall structure design? Maybe many people are very confused when they first see these three issues. Shear wall is often heard among professionals, but it is not often heard by us. Then I will introduce it one by one. I believe you will learn a lot after reading it.
          The first is an introduction to what a shear wall is. Shear wall is also called wind-resistant wall or quake wall. Its main function is to bear horizontal load caused by wind load or earthquake in house construction to prevent shear damage of structure. It is divided into plane shear wall and three-dimensional shear wall. Generally Constructed from reinforced concrete and cast-in-place reinforced concrete.
          Then it introduces how the frame shear wall structure looks like. Frame shear wall structure literally means that a certain number of shear walls are arranged in the frame structure to form a flexible and free use space. The stress characteristic is composed of two different lateral force-resistant structures, which are the frame and the shear wall structure. The form of stress, the interaction between the frame and the shear wall makes the structure of the entire frame shear wall more stable.

          In the end, Xiaobian introduced the design of the shear wall structure. The design of the shear wall structure is to replace the beams and columns in the frame structure with soil-reinforced concrete wall plates, which can withstand the internal forces caused by various loads and can effectively control the horizontal force of the structure. The overall structure design is characterized by high stiffness and good space integrity There are no exposed beams in the room, which is very convenient and practical for indoor layout. It is generally used in high-rise residential structures.

          The above is what I introduced to you about shear wall, frame shear wall structure and shear wall structure design. I believe everyone should be familiar with the shear wall after reading it.