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          Yao Bing: Co-construction of the construction industry and the real estate industry

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          On November 28, 2015, organized by China Daily, and hosted by Beijing Lanhai Culture Media Co., Ltd., the 2015 Internet + Real Estate Transformation and Development Summit Forum and the 2015 3rd China International Real Estate Huabiao Award Presentation Ceremony were held at Wanda Carnival in Beijing. The hotel was successfully held. Supporting units for this event include the Real Estate Chamber of Commerce of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, the National Association of Mayors, the Chinese Entrepreneurs Association, the China Enterprise Capital Alliance, and the National Business Think Tank, especially the co-organizers Wanda Group and Linda Group.
             The third awards ceremony will include five categories of individual annual person awards: annual meritorious person, contributor, cutting-edge person, financial innovative person, charitable person, and multiple collective awards such as brand, enterprise, and institution.
              "Sharing glory, witnessing glory, real estate Huabiao, China model", China Real Estate Huabiao Awards uses the China Daily website authoritative platform to integrate the resources of the real estate industry, affirm the value of real estate companies with an authoritative, fair and fair selection, and commend real estate meritorious characters and Enterprises with outstanding contributions in the field.
              The China · International Real Estate Huabiao Award aims to provide the most authoritative and practical landing projects and solutions for the strategic transformation of more real estate companies, to build new ideas and new business opportunities for market development, innovation, and transformation, and to improve corporate reputation and grasp The best platform for policy!
              At this event, leaders from political and business circles, economists, real estate leaders, ambassadors from various countries, overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese, and other elites gathered together to discuss the development and transformation trends of China and overseas real estate markets in the new era.
              Yao Bing, the former chief engineer of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China, attended the event as a special guest and gave a wonderful speech on the issues related to the national economy and people ’s livelihood, such as the development of the construction industry and real estate.

          Former Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Yao Bing

          The following is the speech record:

          Yao Bing: Good afternoon, experts, professors, scholars, big bosses of real estate, ladies and gentlemen! I am very glad to let me say a few words, let me talk about the modernization of innovative construction industry and the transformation and upgrading of real estate companies. The modernization of the construction industry. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee put forward innovation as the first driving force for development. China is a catch-up developing country. Now we China's industrial manufacturing 2025, the development of the construction industry and the real estate industry, not only has an important period of development opportunities, but also faces major challenges. The development of the city, the change of the village, and the future transformation of the village are related to the happiness of millions of families. The construction industry and the real estate industry must be built together. As a pillar industry of the national economy, the construction industry and the real estate industry are moving towards modernization. As a new type of industrialization, the technology content is getting higher and higher, the better the economic benefits, the better the quality and safety, and the less the environmental pollution. We must seriously study the idea of re-inspecting light pipes, re-focusing on the mistakes of scale, quantity, quality, and safety. Don't take the old road of pollution first and then control. Let us work together to get out of the modernization of the new construction industry.

          Building standardization, including ISO9000, international quality assurance system. Construction is factory-oriented. We build buildings just like factory-processed products. Industrialization of housing. Japan adopted industrialized production methods in the 1960s to improve labor productivity. We must pay attention to modern production methods, we attach importance to the modernization methods of real estate enterprises, and pay attention to the modern management mode of the industry. Use industrial modernization to transform extensive production methods and develop the housing industry. Promote the application of modern technologies, improve the level of housing construction, and improve the quality of living. Green buildings include green design and green construction, green materials, green construction technology, and more. Building technology optimization, we have information technology to reinforcement and monitoring technology, and then to waterproof and arson technology. The key to embodying the construction methods and patents is that technical methods have attracted great attention from various enterprises in the country.

          New products of components, steel-wood doors and windows, aluminum doors and windows, etc. Construction equipment includes processing machinery, hoisting machinery, basic construction machinery, vertical and horizontal transport machinery, as well as technical work machinery and so on. The modernization of building management, including our current owner responsibility system, construction supervision system, and so on. The sustainable development of the building, including its resilience and renewable use.

          To transform and upgrade real estate companies, the development concept is the precursor of development actions, and it is the management of the overall situation, the fundamentals, the direction, and the long-term things. The Fifth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee proposed five development concepts to lead new development, which is the need to internalize the five major uses and improve the system with more favorable measures to transform the five concepts into tasks of transformation and upgrading. A powerful force for the new development of real estate companies. The annual growth rate of real estate development investment is 20.7%, and real estate companies are facing rapid development and healthy development experience. How to transform and upgrade? Switch to quality and efficiency, including structural quality and functional quality. What are benefits, economic benefits, social benefits, and environmental benefits. Technology-leading, innovation-driven, including original innovation, grassroots innovation, introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation. Resource-saving, our information resources, financial resources, renewable resources, etc., all resources must be intensive and efficient use. Cooperation and openness, improve the market of the company, and improve the ability of the company. Cooperation between production, teaching and research, and cooperation between industrial chains. Expansion operations, including those in which our real estate companies are going public, and real estate mergers and acquisitions. Humanistic and cultural, to be people-oriented, improve the team atmosphere, improve spirit and integrity, and intelligence. There is also a social responsibility type, focusing on corporate social responsibility. Organizational learning is the establishment of a learning-oriented organization, which means knowing what is learned and applying it. The general secretary proposes to learn and study again.

          We must have the strategic thinking and world vision of advancing with the times, and let innovation run through all the actions of the party and the country on the new journey. For our real estate industry, we still have considerable room for innovation. We must put innovation in a prominent position in the development of the real estate industry and let innovation play a significant role in the real estate industry. As employees and bosses of real estate companies, we must have the courage to take on the role and fully understand that the reform of the current era is just the right time. We must make the greatest progress in the new wave of industrial revolution, grasp development opportunities, and solve development problems. (Source: China Daily)