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          [Zhuang Chen, Zhejiang] There is true love in the world, and donation warms people's hearts

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          Love in Heaven
          Helping others means helping yourself. Love others is equal to love yourself.
          For charity, Zhuang Chen people have been on the road
                   Maybe our power is limited; maybe we are not very rich yet. But love, no matter how much; dedication, no matter how big or small. As long as we give a little love, more people will feel the sunshine and warmth. Little love is boundless, big love is boundless. Love has magical powers and it can infect each other. We must learn to love others, feel the power of love, and fill the whole world with love. Each of us becomes the source of love. Give love, pass it on, and small love can come together into big love. Love yourself, love others, and love society! Grandpa Ba Jin once said: "The meaning of life is dedication, not enjoyment. As long as love is spent, our lives will bear fruit."
                   Every year on November 1st, Zhongtian is also the charity day of Zhuang Chen Jianke. Our company held the second charity fundraising event of Zhuang Chen, and the donation proceeds will be used for Zhuang Chen employees and their families who need help.

          Mr. Zhuang Chenjian Kedan delivered a fund-raising speech, propagated the corporate culture of "Charity Zhuangchen" and briefed and summarized the operation of the charity fund from November 17-18 October, finally calling on everyone to contribute A force.

          Under the leadership of Mr. Shan, Zhuang Chen employees actively and orderly put their love into the donation box.

              After the charitable fundraising was completed, the IMIS department counted and publicized the fundraising funds, and the proceeds from this fundraising will be remitted to the "Charity Zhuangchen" assistance fund.

              Zhuang Chenjian Branch insists on special funds, transparent and open, and uses the good funds on the blade, each love is beautifully reflected.

              Everyone does good deeds. Charity can be always, everywhere, and everyone. Looking forward to the third "Charity Day", I hope that caring people can be the communicators and practitioners of "I do one good and one good deed", warm people's hearts with true feelings, and let charity light up life. Everyone can be charitable, and everyone should be charitable.