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          Heart together, not afraid of hardships and dangers, unite and cooperate to create new glories

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          This is our team! Wind and rain
          This is our teammate! win-win!
          This is our spirit! never give up!
          Interplay of collaboration and joy,
          Communication and cooperation again and again,
          Let today have a different vitality and vitality.

          In order to enhance team cohesion, improve team execution, stimulate team morale and vitality, and enhance communication and solidarity. On June 1st, the management team of Zhuang Chen Jianke carried out outdoor development activities in Jiayun Mountain Villa Scenic Area in Suixi.

          Simple warm-up exercise brings a lively atmosphere to the scene!

          Icebreaking journey-team formation, election captain, design team flag

          The 7-kilometer old trail hikes, overcomes all dangerous mountain roads, crosses the thorns of countless trees, and then winds up the summit. No one is less, victory belongs to us!

          Team self-service barbecue, different barbecue experience, different ideas.

          Technical competition, all are barbecue chefs, delicious enough!

          The "Survival Wall" promotes the spirit of dedication and experiences the true meaning of "unity is strength".

          All members pass, there is no perfect individual, only the perfect team!


          Roman gun racks require the full cooperation of members to feel the joy of collectively creating labor results!

          With 1600 power rope loops, seemingly impossible tasks become a reality and challenge ourselves. In the team, we can play unlimited potential.

          This expansion activity showed Zhuang Chen's positive mentality of courage to bear pressure, challenge and overcome difficulties, and let us truly feel the courage and courage to break through the ordinary and overcome ourselves, and feel the secret of success: victory Depend on the team, win in execution.

          As long as we are in the same heart, not afraid of hardships and dangers, and unite and cooperate, we will be able to create new glory and continue to move towards "being the best PC mold company in China"!